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Marble Surface


Heat Transfer

HMC Solutions offers high quality embroidery done all in-house of many different types of apparel items.

Corporate Attire


Branded Items

Adidas Backpack with Bobcat Logo Final.tif

A custom heat transfer works through a combination of heat and pressure. You can choose from two types of custom heat transfer: vinyl and digital. 

Vinyl heat transfer, the more established method, uses vinyl letters and designs cut by machine and assembled into the desired configurations. The vinyl pieces are transferred to cloth using a heat press that produces high amounts of pressure. 

Digital heat transfer, in comparison, uses solvent ink to print logos and letters onto specially designed heat transfer paper. This allows the entire design to be transferred at once in the heat press, reducing the amount of materials and time needed to complete it

Custom Patches

HMC Patch_edited_edited_edited.jpg
State Patch.jpg

Special Items

Heat Press 1.JPG
Hat Press 1.JPG
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