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High Quality Heat Transfer Services

HMC Solutions utilizes state-of-the-art heat transfer techniques to produce crisp, clean, full-color designs. Even photo-realistic images can be applied to a wide variety of fabrics, including products that are difficult to embroider or screen print. Combining a process of heat and pressure, we create a perfect end result. If you’re looking for an affordable solution to customizing uniforms, hats, jerseys, polos, and more.

How does Heat Transfer Printing work?

Heat transfer can be performed in a few different ways. There’s inkjet transfers, dye sublimation transfers, digital appliqué transfers, and vinyl transfers. 

How Does a Vinyl Heat Transfer Work?
The vinyl heat-transfer process uses a machine to cut out individual letters and designs from pieces of colored vinyl. The full image is then pieced together on the promo item and pressed with heat to transfer the image to the item. This method is best suited for printing sportswear jerseys, slogans, or small, multi-colored graphics.

How Does Digital Print Heat Transfer Work?
A digital print heat transfer is accomplished through a process much like a home printer. The full graphic image is designed on the computer and digitally printed onto high-quality paper using a special, solvent ink. When the paper is pressed to the promo item with heat, the ink adheres to the material and the graphic image transfers to the item. T-shirts and other garments printed using this method offer high-resolution images and are ideal for complex designs with many colors.
Heat transfers are great for smaller print runs or jobs that involve many colors. This method of printing requires a special printer and quality of paper, as well as a heating press to set the design in place.

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